Posted on: March 20, 2009 12:49 pm

Day 2 of the NCAA tourney

 Well, my chance of 1 million smackers is shot...down the drain.  My Golden Bears to Maryland.  Seems like the 10 seeds are doing well.  Maybe I can pick some seats when the tourney hits Indianapolis.  Talk about excitement for an extended period of time at 1 location.  I'm sure it's pretty intense.  I still can't believe the shots that went in yesterday.  Only if I could jump, twist, and turn like I used to back in the day!!!

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Posted on: March 13, 2009 12:01 pm

Spring is almost here!

 Well, I here the birds singing in the AM now, which means BASEBALL!!  This year I have 4 CBS teams and a few others spread around the web.  I'm glad in all of them I didn't draft A-Rod.  I still think he's one of the best around to watch, but you know.....I happened across Manny and already he's a headache.  Just waiting for all stats to start piling up.   Having been spoiled in the SF-Oakland area growing up as a kid having the choice to watch the Giants or the A's live, living here in Indianapolis (Fishers), IN, it takes a little more planning to go to the game.  Yes, it's always cool when both your teams make it to the World Series, circa 1989, even with the ground movers in action.  Possibly Chicago is in the best position this year for this to happen.  That would be way cool.

Another day another dollar....well, maybe .35 cents.  

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